“LABYRINTH” is a multi-sector project based in Lucca, Tuscany that was founded by ​​Pagni Alessio, Gabriele Della Croce, and Joel Pirisi in January, 2013.

Initially, the project was oriented for the world of clubbing, and in 2014 it evolved to become a brand of its own.
Continuing to distinguish themselves from the norm, by constantly searching for uniqueness in terms of the music, and location, in order to attract customers who are interested in sharing the experience of their parties.
The usual venue locations that host these parties are Renaissance villas, ancient town walls, and swimming pools nestled in the green hills of Tuscany.
Special attention is particularly given by the group to the graphic presentation and communication of said events, which is the very pride of LABYRINTH.

Fashion is the main theme of this emerging project: In fact, all three founders were involved in the fashion industry even from before the beginning of LABYRINTH.
Recently the idea emerged to create a collection of their own, to bring to light their passions and vision of fashion.
With the collaboration of the graphic designer, Marco Architetto, they’ve created a minimal collection which will be out in June 2014.
A great deal of attention has been paid in regards to the research and production of the material, all of which are made in Italy.
The collection is completely influenced by the 90s in terms of the graphics, which reflects the years that the three founders’ youth.
Having witnessed the first personal computers, the spread of the first video games to the rise of the most famous games of the era, a total sporty-chic theme has emerged that is characterized by the “oversized fit” typical of the time period from which it was inspired.
There are two master colors: black and white which have always accompanied and represented the philosophy of LABYRINTH.

Minimalism in colors and shapes, that blend perfectly with a graphic impact, is the concept of the first LABYRINTH collection.